Choose A New Fridge With A Flex Drawer

Posted on: 12 July 2023

If you're shopping for a new fridge for the first time in many years, there's a good chance that you'll be surprised at just how many unique features are available. It will be exciting to browse the various models in your price range and evaluate their many features that can make your life easier. One term that you'll see on a lot of new fridges, which may be new to you, is the flex drawer. This drawer can be a handy space to store various items, and many people find that this is a feature they use all the time. Here are some things to know about the flex drawer on a new fridge.

What It Is

Although the definition of a flex drawer might vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer, the drawer features an enclosed space with an individual temperature control. While you can set the temperature of the rest of the fridge's interior however you like, the unique appeal of a flex drawer is that you can choose a temperature that refrigerates the drawer's content or that freezes the drawer's content. In essence, a flex drawer offers the functionality of a fridge or a freezer, depending on how you set the temperature. This drawer also has adjustable dividers that allow you to configure the design of the drawer however you wish to suit certain products.

Where It's Located

In most cases, the flex drawer of a new refrigerator is situated in the center of the unit. If you buy a fridge/freezer combo appliance, which is a popular choice for many families, the flex drawer will be positioned between the fridge and freezer. For example, if you have the fridge on top with double doors, and the freezer on the bottom with a pull-out drawer, you can expect to see the flex drawer in between these two sections. This position makes it easily accessible.

How To Use It

The flexibility of a flex drawer allows you to use it in many ways. Often, you'll change the functionality of this drawer based on what you've just bought at the supermarket. For example, if you've bought a large supply of ice cream that you'll have on hand for a party, you might lower the temperature of the flex drawer, relocate its refrigerated contents to the upper part of the fridge, and load the containers of ice cream into the flex drawer. Keep flex drawers in mind when you shop for a new fridge. 

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