Appliance Repairs That Might Be Needed When Your Gas Dryer Won't Heat

Posted on: 7 April 2023

When your gas dryer is tumbling, you assume your clothes are getting dry. However, when your dryer malfunctions, it may not make heat even though the drum is tumbling. A common cause for this is a bad igniter.

This part ignites the flame that causes the air in your dryer to get hot. If the gas dryer igniter is bad, there won't be any heat and your clothes won't get dry. Here's what an appliance repair professional might do for a bad igniter.

Take The Dryer Apart To Reach The Igniter

The igniter is a small part that's deep inside your dryer. The dryer has to be taken apart to get to it. This starts with lifting the upper panel of the dryer after the screws have been removed. When the panel is loose, it's lifted up and tilted back so it's out of the way.

With the top panel off, the appliance repair professional can then unscrew and remove the front panel on the dryer. This panel is lifted off to reveal the parts inside the dryer. The igniter is behind the drum, so the drum has to be removed after the belt and wires are disconnected. Once the drum is out of the way, the igniter can be seen and pulled out.

Test The Igniter With A Multimeter

It may be obvious when looking at the part that it's bad. The metal end might look charred. However, if the part doesn't look damaged, the appliance repair professional can test it to see if it's bad.

This is done with a multimeter that checks for continuity across the part. Continuity refers to the continuous flow of electricity. If there's no continuity that means the electricity isn't flowing through the part because the part is bad.

Replace The Bad Igniter

An igniter is replaced instead of repaired. The appliance repair professional has to find an exact match that's made for your dryer model since igniters have different sizes and shapes. Once they have the right part, the new igniter is slipped into place and secured.

Reassemble The Dryer

The parts of the dryer are then reassembled in the reverse order they were taken apart. Replacing a bad igniter isn't a difficult appliance repair, but it can be time-consuming since the dryer has to be dismantled to get to the gas assembly. Also, the igniter is just one part that can go bad in the assembly. If the appliance repair professional tests the igniter and finds it to have continuity, they'll need to test a few other parts to find the bad one.