• Choose A New Fridge With A Flex Drawer

    If you're shopping for a new fridge for the first time in many years, there's a good chance that you'll be surprised at just how many unique features are available. It will be exciting to browse the various models in your price range and evaluate their many features that can make your life easier. One term that you'll see on a lot of new fridges, which may be new to you, is the flex drawer. [Read More]

  • Appliance Repairs That Might Be Needed When Your Gas Dryer Won't Heat

    When your gas dryer is tumbling, you assume your clothes are getting dry. However, when your dryer malfunctions, it may not make heat even though the drum is tumbling. A common cause for this is a bad igniter. This part ignites the flame that causes the air in your dryer to get hot. If the gas dryer igniter is bad, there won't be any heat and your clothes won't get dry. [Read More]