Buy A Washing Machine That Has A 15-Minute Cycle

Posted on: 3 August 2022

When you run a standard washing machine cycle, its length will vary according to several factors. In general, though, these cycles are lengthy. For example, it's not uncommon for your machine to run for approximately an hour. When you shop for a new washing machine, you'll see a number of models that have 15-minute washing cycles. At first, this short cycle may seem like it might be too short, but it's important to realize that a cycle of this length can be valuable in all sorts of different scenarios. Here are three times that you'll appreciate having a 15-minute wash cycle.

Prolonged Storage 

When you retrieve an article of clothing from your closet or dresser that you haven't worn in a long time, you may sometimes notice that it smells a bit stale. This can occur when you reach for a piece of winter clothing early in the winter that you haven't worn since the previous winter, for example. Even if this piece of clothing is technically clean, the fresh smell from its last washing cycle will be long worn off. The garment doesn't need a full washing cycle because it isn't dirty, but it can benefit from a short 15-minute cycle to give it a fresh, new scent.

Slightly Dirty

You may occasionally have pieces of clothing that you've worn but that aren't really dirty. You might not want to put such garments back in your closet or dresser, but you may feel that it's unnecessary to give them a full washing cycle. For example, if you wore a hoodie for a few hours but didn't sweat in it, you might find yourself unsure of how to proceed. This can be another good time to consider a 15-minute cycle. The short cycle is ideal because the garment doesn't have stains or odors.


You'll likely find yourself relying on your washing machine's 15-minute cycle in the event of clothing emergencies. For example, if you get dressed for work or a special event and accidentally spill something on yourself before you leave your home, you might not want to go to the effort of finding another outfit to wear. Provided that you have enough time, it can make sense to quickly run a 15-minute wash cycle for the garment, dry it, and then put it back on just in time to leave the house.

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