3 Parts To Keep In Stock For Your Supermarket Refrigeration Case

Posted on: 27 July 2022

Refrigeration cases have revolutionized the way that grocery stores stock and store perishable food items. These unique cases are capable of maintaining temperatures that are cool enough to prevent bacteria growth while still allowing consumers to easily view and access the products stored within them.

The worst thing that can happen is having your supermarket refrigeration case fail when you don't have replacement parts available.

Here are three refrigeration case parts you should always keep in stock to ensure you can keep perishable foods fresh.

1. Thermometers

Most supermarket refrigeration cases come equipped with thermometers that continually measure the temperature inside the case. Should this thermometer fail, you will have no way of ensuring that the case meets food safety standards.

Keep a supply of thermometers in stock, as well as a spare thermostat to ensure you are always able to monitor the temperature inside your supermarket refrigeration cases.

2. Night Blinds

Would you leave the door to your refrigerator at home open all night? Probably not. It's equally important to have a way to protect the foods stored in your refrigeration cases when your supermarket is closed for business. Night blinds can provide a simple solution.

Night blinds are a type of specialized curtain that can be pulled down over the front of any open refrigeration case.

Once the night blinds are closed, all of the cold air generated by the case's refrigeration unit will remain inside the case. This maximizes efficiency and reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain the safety of your store's perishable foods.

You should always have a spare set of night blinds in your store so that you don't have to sacrifice the money and energy-saving benefits these blinds can offer.

3. Return Air Grills

A return air grill is responsible for keeping air flowing in and out of your refrigeration case. Without proper airflow, it would be impossible for the refrigeration module within the case to produce enough cold air to keep perishable foods fresh.

The return air grills on refrigeration cases are visible to the consumer, so you want to make sure that it looks pristine at all times. These grills can develop rust or begin to deteriorate over time.

If you keep a couple of new return air grills in your stockroom, you will be able to easily change out an old or malfunctioning grill for a fresh one. 

For more information about supermarket case parts, contact a local seller.