5 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Fridge

Posted on: 20 July 2022

Refrigerators are one of the most relied upon household appliances. Many homeowners take them for granted until they stop working. Sometimes repairs are not ideal. This can happen when a fridge is old or the repair will cost more than a replacement. It's a good idea to know how to shop for a new fridge. Modern-day models have a variety of features that were not available in the past. The following points identify a few things to look for in a new fridge.

Fridge Sales

Homeowners should want the best model for their available funds. Some retailers offer financing, which would give an individual to possibly get a model that has the features they want and pay it off over time. Some fridge sales providers offer discounted rates for units that have minor damage such as dents.


Refrigerators with more features are expected to cost more than those that have standard features. Today's fridges may come with advanced technological features and are often referred to as smart refrigerators. These may have touchscreen panels that allow owners to upload family photos or notes. This is a convenience for those who do not want clutter on the exterior of their fridges. The panel may also allow homeowners to upload recipes and music for easy access.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners with older model refrigerators should take time to think about their consumption. Older units may still cool, but they might also be contributing to high energy bills. a fridge sales representative can explain how investing in a unit that has been classified with an EnergyStar rating could save the household money on energy bills. Some units allow temperature adjustments from smartphones. There are also models that have a traditional design with energy efficiency classification.

Ice Dispensers

Some homeowners may not care about this feature. However, individuals who currently purchase ice can appreciate the value of having ice on demand. There will likely not be a need to purchase ice, which equates to long-term savings. There are options for crushed or cubed ice. This is a convenience for families who disagree about the best type of ice to buy.

Available Space

Homeowners to consider their available space for their planned purchase. It is important to choose a model with dimensions that fit safely and correctly. A fridge that is too large might protrude out and could cause household accidents. One that is too small might look awkward and interfere with a kitchen's overall layout.

A fridge sales supplier—such as Quality Appliances—is a good resource to use to compare models and understand the importance of energy efficiency. They can also demonstrate how advanced refrigerators operate.