3 Kinds Of Hot Tubs And Advantages Of Each

Posted on: 19 July 2021

Are you in the market for a brand-new hot tub?  If so, you might be surprised to find how many different kinds of hot tubs there are. To help you find the hot tub that best suits your needs, here are three kinds of hot tubs and the advantages of each.

1. Portable Hot Tub

If you don't want a hot tub that permanently stays in one place, you may want to think about getting one that's portable. Just as the name implies, a portable hot tub can be moved around from one location to another.

Other advantages of portable hot tubs include:

  • There is no special plumbing required.
  • The only installation requirement is access to a flat, level surface.
  • It is simple to use and maintain.

If you think you might want your hot tub to be permanently installed in a certain location at a later time, a portable hot tub allows you to do that. As you can see, a portable hot tub gives you many options, plus it comes in a variety of styles and sizes.

2. Rotationally Molded Hot Tub

Also referred to as a roto-molded spa, the primary difference with this type of hot tub is the material it's made from. A rotationally molded hot tub is made from high-density polyethylene. This material is a type of thermal plastic that is resistant to most chemicals, as well as UV-resistant.

Here are some more advantages of rotationally-molded hot tubs:

  • They are made from recyclable materials, which makes them environmentally friendly.
  • Their durability decreases the chance of getting damaged.
  • Their contoured seating provides a comfortable place to relax.

Many people who use their hot tub as a form of hydrotherapy choose a rotationally-molded hot tub. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with more water jets than other kinds of hot tubs, which helps soothe aching joints and muscles.

3. In Ground Hot Tub

If you want your hot tub to become a permanent part of your home, you may want to choose an in-ground hot tub. Along with being relaxing, these kinds of hot tubs provide aesthetic appeal for your patio or backyard.

Advantages of in-ground hot tubs include:

  • They are easier to get in and out of than above-ground hot tubs.
  • These hot tubs blend in seamlessly with almost any kind of landscaping.
  • They come equipped with bench seating, which allows more people to enjoy the hot tub.

In-ground hot tubs are a great option if you want a hot tub built right next to your swimming pool. One thing to remember is that custom-made in-ground hot tubs may require a construction permit.