Tips When Buying Commercial Refrigerator Door Gaskets

Posted on: 16 July 2021

If you have older commercial refrigerators in your restaurant or grocery store, their door gaskets may be coming apart. If they are, this guide is going to help you find new commercial refrigerator door gaskets quickly.

Make Sure Replacement Is Commercial Grade

There is a difference between door gaskets for commercial refrigerators and refrigerators in residential homes. That's because there are different environments at play so each environment requires gaskets made out of certain materials.

When you look at refrigerator door gaskets, you need to confirm that you're going with a commercial-grade gasket. Then it will be rated to hold up in the specific environment where your commercial refrigerator is. Whereas if you went with a refrigerator door gasket intended for residential purposes, material breakdown is a serious problem you would probably have to face. 

Look for Mold-Resistant Design

There are probably going to be opportunities for mold to develop around your commercial environment. You don't want mold having the ability to grow on your commercial refrigerator's door gasket because that could lead to food contamination. You can find refrigerator door gaskets that have a mold-resistant design.

You need to buy these instead of just standard gaskets because then you won't be dealing with mold removal techniques at all. Regardless of where your commercial refrigerators are and how they operate, mold won't show up on the new door gaskets that you get. That makes cleaning steps a lot easier to perform on commercial refrigerators.

See If Optimal Temperature Can Be Maintained

You need to ensure your commercial refrigerator door gaskets have the ability to keep temperatures inside at the range that you deem appropriate for what's being stored. You can if you concentrate on reviewing the performance of refrigerator door gaskets once they are set up.

You need to get some proof that a particular door gasket has the ability to provide air-tight capabilities once it's set up. Find a door gasket manufacturer that performs these practical tests to show how reliable their sealing performance is. That's going to help you get more out of this commercial refrigerator component. 

Gaskets will eventually come off commercial refrigerator doors. Or they will just suffer too much damage to work great anymore. If you have gaskets at either stage, it's a good idea to spend time looking for a replacement that can last and allow you to get proper refrigeration temperatures. To learn more, contact a company that provides things like Hussmann case parts.