Four Benefits Of Working With A Commercial Laundry Distributor When Starting A Laundromat

Posted on: 16 July 2021

If you are thinking of going into the commercial laundry business, chances are you have already conducted enough research into the industry to determine what you need. However, working with a commercial laundry distributor can help you start and run your laundromat with more ease than doing it all on your own.

Commercial laundry distributors are in the business of supplying laundry equipment such as washers and dryers. However, they are in a position to provide you with more than just laundry equipment.

Thus, with that in mind, here are four benefits of working with a commercial laundry distributor like CG West.

Consultation Regarding Your Laundromat

When you find an ideal location for your laundromat, you need to plan the layout to ensure maximum space utilization. Additionally, it would help if you organized the laundry equipment to facilitate easy access for customers and minimize congestion when the laundromat gets crowded with customers.

A laundry distributor has worked with various laundry businesses, and thus, they are in a position to help you plan the layout of your laundromat. Therefore, they can guide you on utilizing the available space to maximize your business's potential to cater to a large crowd of customers simultaneously.

Advising on the Best Laundry Equipment

Currently, there are numerous brands manufacturing laundry equipment. Therefore, before buying any laundry equipment is essential to consider various factors before making the purchase. 

Some of the factors you need to consider include:

  • The size of the equipment
  • The maximum load weight of the laundry machines
  • The maintenance costs
  • The price of the equipment
  • The energy and water efficiency

All these factors will, in one way or another, affect your business, especially in terms of finances. For instance, if you are working with a budget, it is ideal to buy laundry equipment that will not disrupt your budget. 

Additionally, since you are starting a business, it is essential to ensure you don't spend too much money on utilities before the business picks up. Thus, it is paramount to ensure the laundry equipment you buy economizes water and electricity while providing a good laundry service.

Balancing out the various factors and sticking to your budget can be a challenge. Thus, it is advisable to work with a commercial laundry distributor. A laundry distributor can advise you on the best equipment to buy that will use electricity and water efficiently but most importantly fit within your budget.

Installation Services

When you buy laundry equipment, you still need to have it installed before opening your laundromat. Thus, you may have to incur additional expenses when you hire a contractor to install the equipment.

However, most commercial laundry distributors have in-house technicians who will help you install the laundry equipment in your laundromat. Thus, you do not have to spend money hiring an independent technician to install the laundry equipment because a laundry distributor will provide you with their technicians to install the equipment you buy from them.

You Get a Warranty

When you purchase laundry equipment from a commercial laundry distributor, they will give a warranty. Under warranty, should any equipment malfunction or break down within the warranty period, they will cater to the repairs free of charge.

Additionally, you don't have to lose business while the repairs are ongoing. A laundry distributor will provide you with a replacement washer or dryer for the time being so that you don't lose business.